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We are a carpentry workshop with history and traditions. Our beginnings date back to the 50’s
of the previous century. The then state-owned carpentry workshop produced large-size furniture.
Three years ago, the workshop changed its ownership structure and was given the name Krespa.
We continue the carpentry traditions, having adapted our offer to the contemporary times. We
respond to the Customers’ needs by making customised wooden products. We are happy to face
creative challenges we can overcome due to the possibilities offered by our well-equipped machine park.

Our registered office is in Poland, in the mountains of Low Beskids. It is one of the cleanest
and most pristine places in the country. The environment, picturesque landscapes, forests
with wildlife and lush vegetation are almost unaffected by civilisation. All that influences
our passion for ecology, greenery and a great respect for nature. We believe that nowadays it is
better to focus on production of high quality items that are people and environmentally friendly.