Nino is a set of multifunctional wooden furniture. Our furniture has been designed to change its role depending on the user's needs.

Designed to stimulate the child's imagination while maintaining a modern look and simplicity.

When you buy Nino furniture, you decide for yourself how it will serve you. You can easily build a chest of drawers, a table, a bedside table, and taken separately, they are perfect as a stool for children and adults.
Connecting modules does not require tools, structures made of them are stable and safe for a child.

Play with colors with Nino.

Colors strongly affect our senses.
When creating the Nino color scheme, we paid attention to how the child perceives the world. The colors we choose draw attention and stimulate
The simple construction of Nino makes it easy to replace the legs and the drawer. We offer 9 colors of drawers and legs and 2 colors of the body. By combining elements in different colors, you can create many unique combinations.

Innovation award winner


At the fair Kind + Jugend 2022 fair in Cologne, our nino furniture has been recognized and awarded the main prize for innovation in the furniture category.         Nino-broszura